Carbon and hybrid fabrics

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KORDCARBON: carbon and hybrid fabrics from a traditional manufacturer

KORDCARBON carbon and hybrid fabrics stand out for their first class and consistent quality based on the brand of a traditional manufacturer, long-term experience and trained expert employees. Our customers have the chance to utilise the unique properties of these fabrics at a very favourable price, and furthermore with the certainty of an individual approach and reliability.

Good accessibility, excellent production and service facilities and advantageous price thanks to domestic mass production and good relations with suppliers places KORDCARBON at the top in the field with a broad range of satisfied partners and clients.

The manufacture of carbon and hybrid fabrics in the plain weave or twill variants is governed by strict rules, adhering to which guarantees the consistent quality of every piece of fabric. The use of a product tracing system allows us to have an absolute overview of each metre of fabric.

How is KORDCARBON carbon fabric made?

Facilities for the manufacture of carbon and hybrid fabrics
At the beginnings of the production of KORDCARBON carbon fabrics is was necessary to build new manufacturing spaces that fulfilled the demanding requirements for work with, storage and quality control of carbon fibres. Only in conditions contributed to by many steps is it possible to manufacture top quality products preserving the same consistent properties.

Quality TORAY and UMATEX fibres
KORDCARBON carbon and hybrid fibres are made from the best quality fibre from established reputable suppliers. Specifically these carbon fibres from the TORAY, UMATEX brands and KEVLAR® aramid fibres from DuPont

The suppliers of the fibre which we use for our products are the world’s foremost world producers of top quality carbon and aramid fibres.

Weaving carbon fibres
A fundamental characteristic of the manufacture of KORDCARBON carbon and hybrid fabrics is their balanced composition, i.e. having the same number of fibres in the warp and weft, and the optimum speed of weaving so as to ensure a firm and quality bonding without any change in the properties of the material. Weavers trained specially for work with carbon fibre and with years of experience in the field adhere to a precise process.

Carbon and hybrid fabric is supplied as plain weave or twill, depending on how the fibres are woven.

Optimum conditions for carbon and hybrid fabrics
The storage and production of carbon fabrics requires a steady optimum temperature of 22 °C, a humidity of 60 % and constant filtration of the air. Quality control of the final product takes place in a modern well-equipped laboratory under the supervision of experienced experts.

Sales of KORDCARBON carbon and hybrid fabrics

Do you want only the best material for the manufacture of composites? To buy high quality carbon and hybrid fabrics please contact KORDCARBON’s expert product advisors and salesmen:

Sales department

Jakub Kruliš

Mobil: +420 607 030 493

Sebastian Rudek

Mobil: +491 751 154 882

You can find further information concerning sales here.